Eco Megasaray

Club Megasaray is a holiday village that houses lots of plants and species within a land of 120 decares. The beach of the site is one of the important nesting sites for protected sea turtles (caretta caretta) due to their extinction. Every year, between May and October, our staff meets with the sea turtles and sea turtles from all of the nests that are identified and taken under protection.

Plants regulating the balance of an ecosystem are the most efficient elements in nature. Today, as a respectful tourism approach is accepted in the world, there is a great increase regarding our guests who prefer our facility for this reason. This encourages us to take more conscious steps to contribute to the environment. Within our region, there are 29 endemic (only in Turkey) and one endemic (in Belek only) plant species. It is also possible to see a large part of the 177 butterfly species found in the region in our garden.

Club Megasaray is one of the special enterprises that provide you with unique trekking opportunities in a variety of trees, plants and flowers, accompanied by squirrels, tortoises, colored birds and butterflies. Its environmental awareness is also registered with many awards.