The survivors of the Van earthquake, which took place on 23 November 2011 at 13:41 o’clock, were our guests at Club Megasaray where they held back onto life.

Caretta carettas are under our protection

Carettas caretta's one of important breeding area Belek Beach, they are all under our protection. Homes of Caretta carettas At the Mediterranean beach, for continuation of extinction, protected by our experts with various methods.

Children are our future;

Hotel Club Mega Saray never forgets that an organization is not only established for commercial purposes but also has its social aims. That is why in Victory’s Day on 30 August the hotel opened its doors for the kids from the Antalya Child Protection Association. We made all our best to provide unlimited pleasure on our hotel to 50 kids all day long. During the day they swam in pools and enjoyed the waterslides; in the evening after the delicious dinner, all of them enjoyed the amazing ‘Michael Jackson’ show that was prepared by our animation team together with the children. So we as Club Mega Saray will continue supporting such events, because we know that the children are our future.

My Mega Box

Our hotel guests are as sensitive as like us.
Our guests leave books,toys or dresses,during their vacation and we deliver those all who really needs. With this way we give support needy people.

We support people with disabilities;

Cooperation with World Disability Center, we collect covers made from plastic, resulting in this we support to disable people for getting wheelchairs and necessary materials.